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      • 個人簡歷
      • 推薦信
      • 個人陳述
      • Essay
      • 純國外機構的外籍專家負責潤色+修改。專家屬于外籍,機構屬于國外機構,人也在國外
      • 只做翻譯+潤色,不提供文書代寫服務,潤色標準為世界一流大學的文書標準
      • 確保行文地道、風格統一、內容完整流暢
      • 反饋及概括您文書的優勢與不足,詳細標注修改理由,并提供進一步的提高建議,以凸顯優勢,淡化不足
      • 起步價是400元
      • 一次潤色:¥0.7/字,3-5天
      • 二次潤色:¥0.8/字,4-6天
      • 翻譯+一次潤色:¥1.5/字,4-6天
      • 翻譯+二次潤色:¥1.6/字,5-7天
      • Gail Bethany
        First Class Honors degree in Classics, University of Oxford Gail Bethany has a first class honors degree in Classics from the University of Oxford. Meticulous and with an excellent eye for detail, she is a perfectionist in her work. She began to proofread and edit the dissertations and essays of her fellow students, work which she found immensely rewarding.

      • Wendy Small
        B.S., Texas A&M University M.S., Montana State University Interests Victorian literature and culture; history of the novel; gender and sexuality; history of the emotions, sensation, and experience. She spent a year as a translator and proofreader for a translation firm.

      • Ginny Tori
        PhD in Communication, Stony Brook University Expertise: Gender Studies, IDEA, Marketing Research, Mass Media, Popular Culture, Race and Ethnicity Ginny Tori received her Ph.D. from Stony Brook University in 2006 and now serves as a Clinical Associate Professor, teaching foundational theory courses in the undergraduate program and research methods in the graduate programs. As faculty in the undergraduate program, Dr. Ginny teaches courses that examine the politics of gender in the media, interpretations of popular culture, and the politics of social change and advocacy in the political economy of the entertainment industry.

      • Uhlman Hodgson
        M.Phil/PhD in English Literature, University of Bristol Uhlman Hodgson has wide experience of proofreading CVs, personal statements, essays, dissertations for foreign students and researchers and has received outstanding feedback from clients. She is an Associate of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders. Meticulous and with an excellent eye for detail, she is a perfectionist in his work.

      所有專家均為英美籍本科以上學歷的Native Speaker